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How long do I have to wait until my files are reviewed?

Usually it takes 5 business days to review and validate after you uploaded successfully. In some cases, it may take longer due to the types of work you upload. Please kindly notice that the office will be off on weekends and public holidays.

Which payment method that I can receive earnings?

There are two payment methods at the moment: PayPal and Payoneer.

How long should I wait to receive earnings?

By the 10th of each month, Lovepik shall check the payment with contributors of whose approved exclusive works last month and process the request of settlement for non-exclusive works last month. Within 15 business days after the verification and confirmation, Party A shall transfer the according remuneration to the account designated by contributors (in case of public holidays, the time limit shall be extended to 5 business days after the holiday). Each settlement amount shall reach or exceed $60 USD. Remuneration which less than $60 USD will be deferred to the next month to process.

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