lovepik original materials (marked with "Commercial Use" label on the image) are artworks created by lovepik design team, lovepik contracted designers and was uploaded to lovepik platform by themselves. lovepik users can use the original materials for the commercial purpose if they follow the lovepik terms, but users are not allowed to sub-license the original artworks. At the same time, lovepik provide the limitation of 2 daily downloads for free users, if you download the original materials(PRF authorized image)then you can use it for commercial, but you need attribute it from lovepik. For examples: ? If there is real person portrait in the original artwork, the portrait will be shown just as a template, users shall replace the portrait for their using. If the user can reach the portrait person and received the permission of the portrait, the user can use the artwork without replacing the portrait.

lovepik encourages users to monitor the work on the site when the copyright owner to file an infringement allegation and produce sufficient copyright documents, lovepik will engage in the investigate, the infringing works will be deleted in a few days after the infringement was confirmed.

lovepik gives each account to meet certain conditions in the case, through the official website to download pictures of the qualifications, but as a webmaster, the right to protect the security of the account, while giving certain download restrictions, and not bear the legal responsibility.

Without the permission of lovepik, No one can use lovepik to download resources; cannot copy or imitate the site or non-lovepik server to establish a mirror, lovepik logo, source code, and all the page layout design, copyright lovepik all The Unauthorized, not used for any site other than lovepik. lovepik that all users enter the lovepik home page and the page has been carefully read the terms of this agreement and fully agree, please understand!

If the copyright owner discovers that his work is infringed, any unit and individual who file a complaint with lovepik should submit a name, telephone, identification, ownership certificate, specific link (URL) and infringement details to the copyright complaint report channel, lovepik will receive the relevant report file, if the situation is true, will be taken within 48 hours to delete, block, disconnect the link and other measures to remove the allegedly infringing content.

What is commercial use purposes?

You could be only allowed to use our images as the main element of the end product for one specific client. It will be considered as a redistribution of our resources if you use this designs (flyers, posters...) as main elements to sell them to multiple clients. For instance, a client has ordered you to design for him a poster, you may download the poster from lovepik’s offer and deliver to your client the printed product a PNG/PDF file of the poster, but never an editable file which includes our resources. It is also applied to invitation cards, flyers, business cards... You could not use lovepik's resources to create products and sell them on your shop because this usage of our resources will be considered as a redistribution of our resources.

If you would like to use lovepik's resources on printed products aimed to sell(but you could not sell those items: T-shirts, phone cases, etc.), you must make sure that our resources are not the principal element of the designs that you are willing to include on your products. It means that you must add other third-party designs or self-made images to create the composition of the design and use our images as secondary elements on this composition. The usage multiple lovepik images to create a design will be considered as the main element of the design through all the images will belong to lovepik.

You are not authorized to use our resources to create logotypes though you will not be able to register or buy the copyright of our images neither our images can be associated to trademarks or personal/ business image. If you would like to use our images on your App/Game/Video, as long as you comply the policies regarding the usage of our resources as second elements of your end product, you insert the attribution in case you are not a premium user and you do not redistribute our resources.

If you create a derivative artwork piece from any of our resources you can use this one for personal use always you have included the attribution (unless you are a premium member). You are not authorized to sell any derivative artwork created using our images as the source of your artwork.

What is PRF (Premium-plan Royalty-Free)?

PRF is a new copyright licensing model for the Internet and the mobile Internet. It specializes in a variety of network services: creating websites, social mapping, we-media contents, marketing articles contents, e-commerce marketing plans, brand marketing and other promotional purposes. Users just need to purchase the premium plan to gain the using rights of images during the validity period. The images could be used permanently without restrictions on time, area, etc if users download the PRF Authorization Agreement.

PRF authorization agreement features are as follows:

1. The users could directly to get the high-definition images. The images would not be split into different sizes.
2. Low prices, one-time payment for long-term use.
3. It would not be charged by each piece of image.
4. It provides the main service for network(Internet, mobile Internet) use.
5. It is suitable for large amounts of images for personal and business use.
6. It could be used for multiple purposes and times, without any additional costs.

Copyright authorized agreement is divided into:

the traditional sales model and the innovative sales model.

The traditional sales model is divided into RM(Royalty-Managed) and RF(Royalty-Free) authorized agreement. Both of them were born in the 20th century without Internet and it is suitable for traditional outdoor advertising, printing, etc.The innovative sales model is divided into CC0 and PRF authorized agreement. Both of them were born in the 21st century and they are not only suitable for the trend of the Internet and mobile Internet but also satisfy the demands of the Internet and mobile Internet.

RM (Royalty-Managed) Copyright management mode, also known as a specific use of copyright mode. It is defined as RM mode images, the authorization of users would be limited by number of times, time, space and the purpose of use. Each time a client uses such images, the license must be authorized.

The authorization price is calculated based on their usage, geographical location, expiration date, usage period, image size and other . End users also have the opportunity to buy the using rights of the images.

The features of RM agreement: The earliest mode of authorization. It is expensive, the general price is about thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. Basically only suitable for large enterprises.

RF (Royalty-Free) is defined as an image of the RF mode and the user's license is a non-exclusive license to use. The use of images would not be limited by the number of times, time, space, use of purposes after users purchase the using rights.

The features of RF agreement: the traditional mode of profit image licensing. The price of each image is different which is according to the size of the images.

CC0 agreement: copyright sharing agreement. Creators (designers, photographers, etc.) share their copyright with the world and no longer hold the copyright by themselves of their images. It could be commercially used globally.


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